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About Me

Hi! I am Aaron Abrams, a software engineer currently working at Meta.

My first experience with engineering was through basic HTML and CSS, and I built my first website in 2004. Later, I shifted towards doing more work with JavaScript. Over time, I found myself moving further and further away from FrontEnd development and closer to backend and systems programming every year.

Although I do not have a CS degree, I am obsessed with computer science. I got most of my knowledge by watching YouTube videos, taking online courses, and traversing Wikipedia graphs.

Most of my career has been spent specializing in testing frameworks and infrastructure. Currently, I am working on building graph analysis infrastructure to track and reduce code size for web and mobile apps.

I have spent a large portion of my life playing music, whether working with other bands or producing my own.

My wife and I also had a small video production company where we filmed music videos and live sessions for various bands and musicians.


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k9 - Rust snapshot testing library

k9 is a Rust testing library that provides simplified API for snapshot testing as well as a set of other useful assertion helpers focused on producing better failing messages

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Jest - JavaScript testing framework

When I joined Meta, Christoph Nakazawa and I worked on improving the testing infrastructure at the company. As part of this effort, we implemented a large portion of the core framework functionality of Jest, which later became the most popular testing framework in JavaScript.

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String Tension Calculator

When I went on tour with my band, I had to bring multiple guitars with me, each in a different tuning. To ensure that each guitar had the same string tension, I built a tool that did the math and made the process easier.